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Sr. Design Engineer Job

Date: Jul 19, 2014

Location: Jackson, MN, US

Company: AGCO

Req ID: 12330

Job Description:
The purpose of this job is to participate in the design and development of new product concepts and complex engineering projects for release to production in a manner to ensure products provide best in class cost, superior performance, durability, quality, and serviceability.

Design Responsibilities Include:

• Conceives and provides practical product design applications using complex technical principles. Emphasis of this position is on creating concepts and directing the design and development of complex engineering projects.

• Conducts technical evaluation of major systems on competitive products.

• Using Should-Cost techniques to compare similar designs for cost efficiency

• Assist in establishing target costs in support of selecting manufacturing strategies and supplier negotiations

• Analysis of Bill of Materials to identify margin improvement opportunities

• Participate in product teardowns to identify margin improvement opportunities

Project Management Responsibilities Include:

• Conducting design reviews with cross functional teams.

• Preparing development plans, maintaining schedules, and meeting budget requirements.

• Directing product validation/test activity on current and prototype designs.

• Evaluating, defining and resolving design and manufacturing problems.

• Develop, communicate, and manage supplier requirements.

• Works with cross functional team to ensure projects are implemented on schedule and meet cost targets.

Key Qualifications:

• Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from a 4 year accredited school

• Proficiency using Excel, Outlook and Project Professional required

• Experience with the design and development of welded structures, mobile hydraulics, and mechanical linkages.

• 3-5 years’ experience working in product design and manufacturing.


• Requires strong leadership ability and good communication skills

• Must have a good mechanical aptitude with the ability to develop product concepts

• Ability to work in a team setting and demonstrate a positive work attitude

Nearest Major Market: Blue Earth

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