Scrum Master

Date:  Sep 8, 2023

Winnipeg, MB, CA

Brand:  Grain & Protein

Posting Title:  Scrum Master (remote) 



Scrum Masters are servant leaders and coaches for an Agile Product Development Team. They help educate the team in Scrum, ensuring that the agreed Agile processes are understood, being followed, and adding value. They also help remove impediments and foster a collaborative environment for high-performing team dynamics, continuous flow, and relentless improvement.


The Scrum Master role is a part of the development team whose primary responsibility is assisting the self-organizing, self-managing team to achieve its goals. Scrum Masters do this by teaching and coaching team practices, implementing and supporting Agile principles and practices, identifying, and eliminating impediments, and facilitating flow.


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Exhibits Lean-Agile leadership.
  • Supports the team rules. These may include the rules of Scrum, Work in Process (WIP) limits from Kanban, and any other process rules the team has established and agreed upon.
  • Facilitates the team’s progress toward team goals.  They help the team focus on creating increments of value each iteration and achieving daily and Sprint goals.
  • Promotes and facilitates team efforts in relentless improvement.
  • Facilitates events – Daily Stand-up, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective.  Ensures they are productive and kept within the time box.
  • Supports the Product Owner in their efforts to manage the backlog and guide the team while facilitating a healthy team dynamic with respect to priorities and scope.
  • Facilitates the removal of impediments.
  • Improves team dynamics and performance and coaches the team in self-management. Helps the team resolve interpersonal conflicts and challenges and identify opportunities for growth. Escalates people problems to management where necessary, but only after internal team processes have failed to resolve the issue; helps individuals.
  • The Scrum Master supports the overall adoption of Agile across the enterprise by coaching stakeholders and other non-agile teams on effective interactions with, and support of, agile teams.
  • Supports estimating – Guides the team in establishing normalized estimates and helps the team understand how to estimate Features and Capabilities in a healthy way.
  • Create a productive environment where team members ‘own’ the product and enjoy working on it.


Essential Skills and Experience



  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, Computer Science, or Agri-Business. Experience will be considered in lieu of, or in addition to, formal education.


Qualifications and Experience


  • Experience as a Scrum Master or similar role, Scrum Master certification is a plus.
  • Familiarity with product development
  • Ability to welcome changing requirements and lead change within the organization.
  • Excellent knowledge of Scrum techniques and artifacts (such as definition of done, user stories, automated testing, backlog refinement).
  • Excellent communication, organization, and servant leadership skills.
  • Problem-solving and conflict-resolution ability.
  • 2-3 years of experience in Engineering or Product Management roles.


IMPACT and Scope


Impact domain

  • Agriculture (Grain and Protein)


Management responsibilities

  • None


Global or regional?

  • Regional (Winnipeg)

Smart Solutions

Our five grain and protein brands help our customers manage seeds and grains, protect animal health and improve productivity. GSI and Cimbria offer advanced, integrated systems that make storing, conditioning, moving, and managing grain and seed easier and more profitable. Cumberland and AP leverage the latest high-tech solutions to improve poultry and swine production, including state-of-the-art climate control, biosecurity, and feeding systems. And Tecno’s innovative layer housing helps egg producers protect the well-being of their birds and achieve better results.

Job Segment: Computer Science, Engineer, Product Manager, Agricultural, Technology, Engineering, Marketing, Operations, Agriculture