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Fab Machine Operator

Date: Feb 1, 2023

Location: Hesston, KS, US

Company: AGCO

POSITION: Set up, operate, tend, etc. various types of cutting and/or forming machines. Perform position requirements, including but not limited to major accountabilities in a safe, efficient and effective manner and according to work standards, procedures and expectations. Able to perform job classification duties, activities and responsibilities of all business units and all product lines or sub-departments within all business units and on a variety of different machines and machine/work centers.

MAJOR ACCOUNTABILITIES (include, but not limited to):

 Follow all Company rules, policies, procedures and requirements especially for: safety, quality, delivery, and productivity/cost.

 Measure completed workpieces to verify conformance to specifications, using tools: micrometers, gauges, calipers, templates, rulers, etc.

 Examine completed workpieces for defects, such as chipped edges, marred surfaces and sort defective pieces according to types of flaws.

 Read work orders, blueprints, production documents and/or other information to determine specifications, such as materials to be used, locations of cutting lines, dimensions and tolerances.

 Responsible for checking parts / materials for accuracy ongoing and prior to completion of order.

 Load workpieces, material, and/or solutions into machines.

 Set up, operate, and tend variety of metal working machines (including mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, CNC / numerically controlled and computer controlled equipment) to saw, cut, shear, slit, punch, crimp, brake, notch, bend, straighten, forge, stamp, etc. metal material making single, multiple or successive passes in accordance to standards and requirements.

 Start / operate machines, monitor their operations, and record operational data.

 Test, adjust, etc. machine speeds and actions, according to product specifications, using gauges and hand tools.

 Install, align, set and lock specified punches, dies, cutting blades, and/or other fixtures in rams, beds of machines, etc. using gauges, templates, feelers, shims, hand tools, etc.

 Perform autonomous maintenance on machines (ex. performing simpler, and safe maintenance routines such as lubrication, bolt tightening, cleaning and also inspection and monitoring.)

 Position, align, and secure workpieces against fixtures, stops on machine beds, on dies, etc. in order to produce parts, materials when making single, multiple or successive passes and meeting requirements.

 Able to count and stack parts, materials, etc. correctly prior to movement to next operation within department, to next department and/or as instructed.

 Able to lift parts, materials, etc. of varying weights onto and out of work area(s.)

 Assist other fabrication machine operators, other employees and train employees on job procedures.

 Use tools, equipment and technology, including hand and/or power tools, manufacturing/operations equipment and computerized and/or automated systems.

 Maintain work area(s) in a safe, clean and orderly fashion.

 Maintain production, other data and reports.

 Perform work duties, activities and responsibilities on assigned shift and schedule.

 Perform other duties, activities and responsibilities as instructed.

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Job Segment: CNC, Fabrication, Inspector, Machinist, Industrial, Manufacturing, Quality